Don’t Annoy Me, My Ex-Husband!

Don’t Annoy Me, My Ex-Husband!


Li Nannan







Don’t Annoy Me, My Ex-Husband!

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“BOSS, Miss Mu is back home!”

“Hmm!” The man replied indifferently.

“BOSS, someone gave Miss Mu a bunch of roses!”

“Adulter! Humph!” The man finally raised his head, squinted his eyes and snorted.

“BOSS, Miss Mu watched a movie with that man today, had a candlelight dinner, and…”

“What more…”

“Also kissed!”

There was a flash of fire in the man’s eyes, and he could no longer sit still, and he rose from the sofa suddenly.

“B…B…BOSS, it’s not good, Miss Mu is going to get married with that man in Holland!”

The man slapped the table with his hands, “Which plane, blow me down!”


“Wait a minute!” The man suddenly stopped.

“What’s the boss’ order?”

“If you want to bomb the adulterer, if she loses a hair, you try?!”


- Description from MTL


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