Douluo’s Infinite Devouring

Douluo’s Infinite Devouring


Chu Qingan





Douluo’s Infinite Devouring

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This is the time when soul beasts and humans coexist.

The great ape that inhabits the forest, the giant whale that swims in the deep sea, the sky bird that flies in the sky, the scorpion that haunts the ice and snow…

The two empires ruled the mainland, and the Wuhun Hall that lay horizontally in the mainland, secretly unknown evil organizations, the upper three sects, the lower four sects, the hidden Sejong gate, the Haotian, the blue electric Tyrannosaurus, the seven-treasure colored glaze…

In ancient times, before Tang San crossed, who was on the continent and what stories happened on the continent?

The person with the power of devouring, devouring the soul beast, the soul master is his soul, he is the savior of the generation hidden in the history books…

The only record about him is the news about the owner of the first twin spirit, in fact, he has more…

- Description from MTL

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