Drunken Exquisiteness

Drunken Exquisiteness


Shi Si Ye


Drama, Romance





Drunken Exquisiteness

Rating: 10/10 from1210 rate


A mysterious death of a king, a confusing bloodline of the royal clan, an ancient treasure of the witch clan, a dispute between Jianghu and ancestral temple, entanglement of love and resentment.

Nine cycle of exquisiteness, changes of the wind and the clouds. Why would it bring a modern woman who was thousand and ten thousand of years apart to be entangled in this?

“You are not anyone. You are just my woman.”

Under his gaze, she seemed to fall into the life of hundreds and thousands reincarnations, falling in step by step.

If she came to this world for him, then he came to this life to wait for her.

Meeting in a thousand years, knowing each other when their eyes meet. On the road to reach that highest peak. They walked hand in hand, through the bloody and smoky path, pointing towards the picture like scene.

In the vast world, through the limitless years and months, on their path to reach the top, him and her, what kind of sacrifice would they give, what kind of choices would they make?

“If out of all things, I can choose only one thing, I would rather choose your smile. If you are suffering, what would I do even if I own the world?”

In this life, there are always people who are worth to trust with your life. There must be one person, who went through the vast ocean and live for you.

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