Extreme Pupil Teacher: Miss Peerless

Extreme Pupil Teacher: Miss Peerless


Mo Yan





Extreme Pupil Teacher: Miss Peerless

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The 24th-century supreme pupil teacher once crossed and became the genius lady who was abolished in the inferior small country town Guohoufu!

Xiu was abolished, his eyes were blind, and his family status was taken away?

Luo Qingtong slightly sneered with a pair of blood pupils: Come here! Sister teaches you to be human!

A pair of blood pupils, proud in the world! Jianbao perspective, medicine and defense, everything!

Soul and Wu Shuangxiu, device and medicine double, Royal Beast Array …

She used her whole life to explain what the Supreme Masterpiece is.

It’s just that I never expected to provoke a person who is more peerless than her, and you will run after me, and you will kill me.

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