First Class Taoist Gate

First Class Taoist Gate


Ninth Destiny





First Class Taoist Gate

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In the 21st century, Taoist disciple Zhang Bairen, because of touching the congenital sword fetus, reversed time and space and came to Sui and Tang time and space.

On Dao Zhongliquan, fighting sword Lu Dongbin!

Flicking his sleeves and pressing Xuanzang, with one sword retreat to Bodhidharma!

The power of dominance belongs to the most holy.

On this day, Zhang Bairen stood proudly on the top of the Forbidden City with his hands on his back.

A scroll of Zhuxian Array in his hand slowly spread out, looking down at the frontier warlords: “Ask the world’s rivals? Dare to ask the kings, can you live forever?”

- Description from MTL



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