Giving You Love of a Lifetime

Giving You Love of a Lifetime


Drama, Romance





Giving You Love of a Lifetime

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I have a secret hidden in my heart-I have loved Gu Tingchen for nine years.

When he was young, he often followed him. When he was old, he finally became his wife.

But he didn’t give me love, no mercy at all.

I used the divorce and the power of the Shi family to lure him into a relationship, but he was not moved.

He will never remember that little girl who was nervous and cautiously followed behind him.

It was not until after the divorce that I realized that the so-called deep affection was only touching me.

I didn’t even know until I died—the man I loved who was as gentle as the breeze was never him.

I recognized the wrong person from the beginning.

The so-called deep affection and single-mindedness are nothing but self-deception.

- Description from MTL


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