Godly Choice System

Godly Choice System





Godly Choice System

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Ordinary high school students get a god-level selection system, and their choices can become stronger!

Huh? Is there a big beauty ahead and need help? ??

Option 1: Step forward and help Fang Xue. Reward Charisma +5 and Fang Xue’s favorability +30.

Option 2: Give Fang Xue a cup of hot drink. Reward Charisma +5 and Fang Xue’s favorability score 20.

Option 3: Children make choices, I want them all!

“Reward charisma value +15, Fang Xue’s favorability score 60, extra bonus skill: tricks for making girls.”

The top genius of the big family is arrogant and arrogant?

Option 1: Beat the opponent brutally and reward the god-level martial arts ‘Dragon Elephant Magic Art’;

Option 2: If the opponent is convinced, reward a golden treasure chest;

Option 3: I am just passing by, and I will be rewarded with a random gift.

Rich second generation bullying men and women?

Option 1: Go with the opponent and reward the evil value of 10,000.

Option 2: Reprimand loudly and reward 100,000 experience points;

Option 3: teach the other party righteously, reward god-level random skills and 10 million money.

In my life, there are choices everywhere, and I can get stronger everywhere!

- Description from MTL

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