Godly System: From Fire to God

Godly System: From Fire to God


Jun Mo Bei





Godly System: From Fire to God

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Traveling to the Chaos Continent where the gods were fighting, Lin Mo unexpectedly discovered that he had become a fire.

Fortunately, it is bound to the god-level system. As long as it keeps burning, you can gain experience points and the power of the devout belief of believers.

The monster clan called him the sacred flame of light, and the abyss where all monsters gathered that night was illuminated by flames like daylight.

The gods said that he was annihilating the raging fire. That day, the glacier island of the god of frost was evaporated into water vapor by the flame.

All living beings said that he had saved the world from the sacred fire. The war between the gods that had been going on for hundreds of millions of years had been completely destroyed by him.

From the humble and weak Flame Spirit to the Flaming God that united all of the Gods, this was a legend …

- Description from MTL


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