Heretic Doctor Zihou

Heretic Doctor Zihou





Heretic Doctor Zihou

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In the 21st century, the king of shadows, the ghost doctor Zihou, who was frightened by everyone on the road, fell in an explosion.

Opening her eyes again, time and space changed, she became the nympho lady who respected everyone in Xiliang City! The same body, different soul.

What kind of storms will the rebirth of a generation of queens set off?

Said she is a big-chested, brainless, nymphomaniac trash lady who has gotten into the water and was kicked by a donkey?

Believe it or not, a bag of poison made you scumbag and kicked you until you had no son?

That day a feast of flowers, the old waste nympho was amazingly rising, brightening a pair of titanium alloy dog eyes!

From then on, the nympho became the queen, the waste became the genius!

The eldest lady of the General’s Mansion, who was once screamed and beaten by everyone, was amazing and turned back and made countless men and women crazy!

The mysterious vast continent, the intricate forces, the legendary Yunmiao Holy Land, the mystery of the strange life experience.

Is all of this a coincidence, or is it a certain number?

Let’s look at a generation of cool women, mixing in different worlds, cultivating peerless cultivation bases, refining gods against the sky, protecting ancient beasts, and playing beautiful men.

- Description from MTL


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