Honeyed Marriage

Honeyed Marriage









Honeyed Marriage

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Ruan family was on the verge of bankruptcy. The little princess Ruan Yan, who was their most beloved, fell from the status of a celebrity overnight and became temporarily blind.

On a rainy night, she was kicked out of the house and crouched by the roadside with nowhere to go. Until a black car stopped in front of her. A series of footsteps approaching sounded and then the rain did not fall on her again. It was then she heard a low male voice above her head.

“Are you not the little princess of the Ruan family? How about becoming my wife?” A few months later, the Ruan corporation was acquired and Ruan Yan became its sole heir.


Because of her blindness, Ruan Yan never saw the appearance of the man who married her.

He had been taking her to treat her eyes and after a few months, she finally got better. One morning, she woke up feeling the light in front of her eyes. She was pleasantly surprised to realize that her sight had been restored.

She vaguely saw the man lying on her side. His eyebrows were like swords and eyes were like stars.

As her sight shifted, her pupils shook. Wasn’t this once Ruan family’s biggest competitor, Zhou Mengyan, who was worth tens of billions in financial circles?

She shrank back in fright, “You, you…”

The man opened his eyes to look at her with a smile in his eyes, “Mrs. Zhou, it was not like this when you stuck to your husband last night.”

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