I Have a Three-Realm Auction System

I Have a Three-Realm Auction System


LY La Yue





I Have a Three-Realm Auction System

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Zhou Fan obtained a [Three-Realm Auction System].

“Chocolate auction, the starting price is only 10 stars.”

“100 stars” Marshal Canopy said.

“Damn, don’t grab anyone with me, I will give out fifty thousand stars!”

“Brother Fan, do you still have Coke there? Can you stop using it for auction, my grandson can give you a satisfactory price.”

“The 16th-order Rubik’s Cube, only the last one is left, don’t miss the fairy friends you need!”

“Brother Fan, do you need Eight-Nine Profound Art?” Erlang Shen said immediately.

The three realms auction system, anything, is not worth mentioning in your eyes, but in a different environment, it is a sky-high price.

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