I Have an Invincible Copy System

I Have an Invincible Copy System


Yin Lingfeng





I Have an Invincible Copy System

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The soul crosses the sky continent, Qin Yang obtains the Invincible Copy System.

World Destroying God Emperor: “My palm, no bones can not be hardened.”

Ding! Copy the palm of the opponent’s Deity Extinguisher, and your proficiency will automatically be raised to the peak!

“Unfortunately, I will too!” Qin Yang smiled and took a palm.

The Emperor of Destroying World burst into a cloud of blood.

Supreme Danzun: “My formula is unique to the world!”

Ding! Copy the alchemy formula and automatically upgrade to the perfect formula.

Qin Yang casually smashed out a pill, and the vision was abrupt, “Is that this?” The Supreme Danzun knelt down, “Big brother, are you still accepting disciples?”

Peerless Tianjiao: “I am the first person of the young generation! I am the youngest star realm powerhouse!”

Ding! Copy 10/10 to meet the advanced requirements, and the host advances to the Divine King Realm.

“Emmmm… the boss is up, be worshipped by the younger brother!”…

Qin Yang: “I never look up, because I am the apex!”

- Description from MTL


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