I Heard That I’m Super Fierce

I Heard That I’m Super Fierce





I Heard That I’m Super Fierce

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The horror game “Box” has been online for two months. There is such a person, who is not in the arena, but there is her legend in the arena.

Legend has it that her teammates were chased by ghosts, and she screamed after the ghosts.

Legend has it that she is super fierce, and when ghosts see her, they feel afraid. She is the villain boss standing on the head of the villain boss.

Regarding these false rumors, Lin You said:? ? ? ? ?

Lin You: I’m hardcore to kill ghosts, I fancy anti-killing, I catch ghosts into the picture book, but I know that I am a good player 🙂

Ghosts that are counter-killed:…

New ghosts that are about to be counter-killed:…you don’t come here!

- Description from Novelupdates


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