I Miss You

I Miss You





I Miss You

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Enjoy a little play, tactfully and melodiously; Waiting for a beloved, there must be an echo.

It is said that time destroys the flowers. But when I meet my first love again, why is he still the same as before. Pure face, dull temperament, and calm manner.

Xu Qingcheng looked at the Young Master of aristrocratic family who was walking by her side and said in her heart, “So close, but fortunately he doesn’t remember me.”

She played as his acquaintance casually, but wait, isn’t the rhythm a bit wrong? Why does this person eat her lunch box? Why does he want to hug her? Why do you want to say something that makes people blush?

Just when she was in a dilema, the man she couldn’t figure out all the time asked, “Miss Xu Qingcheng, my name is Su Po. I studied opera at the age of fourteen and sang opera for eleven years. I don’t have many hobbies and my personality is good. I can cook some home-cooked meals. May I ask, do you have a demand?”

The unexpected joy is light and warm, the pleasure at the first sight. It is a gentle play after a long absence.

- Description from Novelupdates


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