I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon

I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon


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I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon

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As an ordinary bookstore owner. Lingping’s biggest wish in this life is to eat and wait for death, lying down and winning.

However, there are always some customers in the late stage of the second disease who come to the door late at night.

For the sake of business, Ling Pingan had no choice but to learn the tone of the second disease and promote the books in his store.

After working hard and exhausting my tongue to sell the book. These guys said that they didn’t bring money. Actually want to take some props such as gods and fairy tools to mortgage the book money.

Looking at these customers, Ling Ping’an was also helpless and could only agree. But he didn’t even know that the books that these customers bought from him had changed their appearance.

“The Secret of Cosplay” became “Report on the Investigation of the Lower Abyss”

“The Official Set of Ascension of Various Artists” is actually “The Gospel of Machines”

Moreover, in the eyes of these customers, he is actually a terrifying evil god head, an indescribable person who controls the world. In this regard, Lingping said: I am not, I am not, don’t talk nonsense.

- Description from MTL


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