I’ll Be the Male Lead’s Sister-in-Law

I’ll Be the Male Lead’s Sister-in-Law







I’ll Be the Male Lead’s Sister-in-Law

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Today you treat me as a stand-in, and tomorrow I will be your sister-in-law.

Mu Mingtang is the substitute for Bai Yueguang in the heroine’s article. Her family was destroyed and adopted by the Jiang family. Later, she replaced the missing Bai Yueguang and became engaged to the hero Jin Wang.

She always knew that she was a stand-in, so she interrupted her minions and lived as the white moonlight in King Jin’s imagination. She didn’t dare to speak or laugh, and stayed safe as another woman’s shadow until one day, the real Miss Jiang came back.

The protagonist Miss Jiang was reborn, and when she learned that she was originally the male protagonist, Bai Yueguang, she immediately returned to seize her marriage contract and her identity. In order to please Bai Yueguang, King Jin gave his double Mu Mingtang to King Qiyang who had become the living dead. Anyway, it is just a clumsy substitute. If you dare to anger the righteous, you will naturally make him childless, helpless, and widowed for a lifetime.

Mu Mingtang, who was ridiculed as being unable to support the wall with mud, broke out completely: Okay, you give me to another man, and I will tell you to change your name to sister-in-law.

I’m afraid that none of them thought that King Qiyang, the god of death, would wake up.


Xie Xuanchen was the son of the first emperor, and the whole world was killed by him. Later, for some reason, his personality changed drastically and he was brutal and murderous. When his father passed the throne to his uncle, he couldn’t stand his head illness and fell into a coma.

When I woke up, there was a beauty in front of the bed, looking at him in surprise.

Later, for the sake of this day-to-day work, he could only regain the name of God of War, regain the throne, and unify the world.

Once the army was for ambition, now all ambitions are for you.

Note: Bai Yueguang’s stand-in who cannot be supported by the mud & the former God of War who fell from the peak, the heroine is beautiful, and the hero’s combat power is exploding.

- Description from MTL


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