Imperial Favour

Imperial Favour


Hua Qi





Imperial Favour

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In the capital city, the eldest daughter of the Tang family’s main bloodline, Tang Zhuozhuo, lavishly married into the Eastern Palace. Yet, she chose to spend her remaining years within the broken walls of the Cold Palace’s courtyard.

Till her death, she never forgot the general who always resided in her heart.

But only after her death did she know that the cold-hearted emperor, who was thought to harbour hatred towards her, had watched the candle flame of his wife every night from above the Cold Palace’s courtyard walls.

Whilst the general had married the girl of his dreams from the start.

Who would have imagined that the scene that greeted her when she opened her eyes again was the event that happened when she first entered the Eastern Palace – where she grimaced in displeasure towards the future Chong Jian Emperor.

The male’s face whitened with fury.

Tang Zhuozhuo flinched, ‘I…I’m done for!’

Huo Qiu had an uncanny feeling. His wife, who had rejected him so severely before, seemingly changed into a new person. Not only did she not create any disturbances, but also made him some pastries.

In the face of the sudden goodwill expressed by his beloved, the future wise, divine and mighty Chong Jiang Emperor frowned, but naturally accepted everything.

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