Infinite Double Cultivation System

Infinite Double Cultivation System





Infinite Double Cultivation System

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“Ding, you throw a punch and gain 100×2 experience points”,

“Ding, you hit twenty punches and gained 100×1024 experience points!”,

Songhe Wanshouquan was promoted to the top level of exercises, and the cultivation base was promoted from the physical body double to the physical body fifth!

A system that can double infinitely and evolve the technique. With one punch, doubling, twenty punches, twenty times, and there is no upper limit, unlimited doubling, the cultivation base can easily turn to the peak of the physical body and grow into immortals.

Does it take tens of thousands of years of cultivation? I’m still exhausted. I’m afraid of being struck by lightning. I have a doubling system, so I can turn into an immortal at will!

- Description from MTL


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