Invincible Starts From God-level Plunder

Invincible Starts From God-level Plunder







Invincible Starts From God-level Plunder

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Framed by others, robbed of his martial spirit, and lost in his cultivation, Gu Tianyi accidentally obtained a god-level plundering system, and he began his life like a hang-up!

It is said that the best martial arts spirits of the ancient ancestors are hidden in the soul-relief stone of the ancestral temple?

[Ding Dong, the host acquires the best martial spirit, the Purple Extreme Sky Flame Dragon!]

Brother, I heard that you just killed a thousand-year demon king a few days ago!

[Ding Dong, the host gets a Millennium Demon Pill!]

Master, your sword…

Hey? Master, what are you running?

Ever since, Gu Tianyi, with a top-level configuration, is proud of Kyushu and fights for hegemony in the sky!

- Description from MTL


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