It’s a Showdown, I’m Really a Titled Douluo

It’s a Showdown, I’m Really a Titled Douluo


Yun Tong





It’s a Showdown, I’m Really a Titled Douluo

Rating: 10/10 from1210 rate


Xu Sheng woke up and found that he had traveled to the Douluo Continent!

He wanted to spend his whole life in a dull life, but didn’t realize that something was wrong until Wu Hun awakened!

First Wuhun: Nine Hearts and Blood! Mutated from the nine-hearted begonia, it uses blood as a sacrifice, and the soul moistens it, completely breaking the myth of the auxiliary system!

Second Wuhun: Sword of Ice Rose! The attack power crushes the Clear Sky Hammer and becomes the most powerful weapon in the mainland!

Under Su Yuntao’s shocked gaze, Xu Sheng looked helplessly at the nine scarlet soul rings on his body, “Well, I just want to live a lifeless life, but you see, these nine red circles on me look pretty ?”

- Description from MTL


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