It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat


Yu Xiaoshu





It’s Hard To Be A Bad Cat

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A qualified black cat should be greedy, wicked, rude and fierce, scaring adults and occupying small fishes.

The chubby-faced Huatang is just such a black cat with ideals and goals, trying to make the most ferocious expression, so that the entire Jiuzhou community knows how terrible it is.

One day, when Huatang was lying on the wall to admire the country it had laid down, it heard a big secret –– The Jiuzhou community hides a big fortune.

Big fortune? Huatang licked its paw and jumped off the wall, ready to go find and grab where the big fortune is. The ruthless black cat wants to occupy the treasure.

Residents in the Jiuzhou community know that there is a black cat near them that can bring luck. When the cat’s claw pressed on your forehead, then congratulations, you will be safe and happy, and everything will be worry-free.

- Description from Novelupdates


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