Mr. President Dotes On His Wife Crazily

Mr. President Dotes On His Wife Crazily


Drama, Romance





Mr. President Dotes On His Wife Crazily

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She was originally the eldest of the first jewelry family, but wrongly believed in the white-eyed wolf.

Live another life and get magical powers!

Appreciating gems and adding buffs not only need to revive the Lan family’s century-old foundation, but also to make up for the man she avoided like a snake in her previous life.


Election background——

Win Muchu, the youngest and most handsome presidential candidate in the history of the empire,

Hugging the nervous woman around, asked in a low voice: “I heard you want to compensate me?”

There was a gleaming light in his eyes, “The Presidential Palace is waiting for me tonight.”

- Description from MTL


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