My Feelings Can Wait

My Feelings Can Wait


Min Ran





My Feelings Can Wait

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When the Film Empress Jing Xiu’s wedding was in progress, Weibo was swept away by a local bombarding news — “The New Film Empress Ji Youyan Passed Away From Alcoholism”.

Soon after, another headline broke out——the wedding was cancelled for some reason.

Ji Youyan woke up from her sleep and was shocked to realize that she had returned three years before those events.

She returned in the second year after she broke up with Jing Xiu.

This time, she swore to never lose her.

In those times when we missed each other, we still loved each other.

The stars shine brightly on the clear sky. If I’m not by your side, time would be wasted in vain.

- Description from Novelupdates


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