My Royal Beasts Are All Mythical

My Royal Beasts Are All Mythical





My Royal Beasts Are All Mythical

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Twenty thousand yuan daily

[Lingming Stone Monkey] + [Nine Turns Xuanmu Qi] + [Earth Shark Transformation Fruit] + [Colorful Lingyun] = Lingming God Monkey King

[Lingming God Monkey King] + [Zhenhai God Iron] + …… = Qitian God Monkey King

[Qitianshen Monkey King] + …… = Pantianshen Ape

In the era of the nation’s beasts, Ye Xuan brought a super favorite editor, indicating that he could also evolve a snake into a dragon that soars for nine days.

Thus, the little monkey he raised became a god ape.

The bird he raised became a giant Kunpeng.

- Description from MTL


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