Myriad Realms Summoning System

Myriad Realms Summoning System





Myriad Realms Summoning System

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You say you are brave and invincible? How do you compare with Lu Bu?

You say you are witty? How do you compare to Guo Jia?

You say you use soldiers like a god? How do you compare to Bai?

Super fierce general, unparalleled swordsman, peerless beauty, supreme fairy…

Xiao Chen traveled to another world with the system, summoning civil servants and generals, beautiful gods.

Peerless pill, magic weapon… the things that countless people are eager for, here in Ben Shao, are all sold on a cat.

“Millions of soldiers, thousands of miles, confidantes, I want everything.”

Xiao Chen said vigorously.

- Description from MTL


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