One Punch Star Annihilation

One Punch Star Annihilation





One Punch Star Annihilation

Rating: 10/10 from1210 rate


The age of super power is coming, dark matter, star power technology, awakened, fissure star beast, mutant creatures have appeared one after another…

Human beings have awakened all sorts of strange abilities, element type, strengthening type, super power type, transformation type…

“Agility 10, speed 10 m/s; Agility 7900, speed 7900 m/s, isn’t this the first cosmic speed? I really want to go to heaven!”

“Calculated like this, the strength exceeds 100 million, and the star is wiped out with one punch?”

“I want to be a man with a humanoid star destroyer.”

“How many dishes? Drink it like this. Wake up! You’re just a rookie with Strength 10.”

- Description from MTL

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