Peerless Master God

Peerless Master God





Peerless Master God

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The mainland of China is a continent respected by martial arts. In this continent, strength represents everything. Strength is fairness, strength is justice, strength is axiom, and strength is heaven.

However, if you want to have strong strength in the mainland of China, you must have spiritual veins. Without spiritual veins, you can’t cultivate. At the same time, the level of spiritual veins determines your talent, potential and development prospects.

Spirit channels can also produce pulse souls. The strength and type of the pulse souls determine a person’s direction.

Liu Yiheng was speaking out in such a remote town on the mainland, to see how he walked out of a natural death, suffering, and suffering, to find his way to the pinnacle.

Genius, in Liu Yiheng’s eyes, was just a joke, it was just a stepping stone to his glory, the evildoer, in Liu Yiheng’s eyes, was only a short-lived opponent, because his opponent had only one opponent, and that was himself.

Divine beasts don’t need to be arrogant, they are just mounts, seniors don’t need to be proud, they can only tremble and wait to be surpassed.

- Description from MTL

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