Second Marriage

Second Marriage







Second Marriage

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Everybody said that Xiao Youning had a fortunate life. While her father and elder brother possessed military power, her husband-to-be, Li Qingzhi, had massive support in the form of his young maternal uncle, who could overturn the heavens with just a flip of his palm.

Unexpectedly, on the day Xiao Youning was to marry, just as she was to enter the family gates, she received the grievous news that her father and elder brother had been defeated in battle, and their whereabouts were unknown.

The Li Family, afraid of being implicated, ruthlessly gave her a letter of divorce.

Xiao Youning had barely paid her respects and joined the family when she was subjected to becoming a retired wife. The Li Family in the blink of an eye built up connections with the County Lord, allowing her to be thoroughly reduced to a joke.

Just as everyone watched the drama surrounding Xiao Youning, Li Qingzhi’s young maternal uncle, the one with the power to flip the heavens, cornered her against the wall of the rock garden. The man slowly drew closer and closer, until he was leaning over her and whispered directly into her ears: “When will you marry me?”

How would it feel to become her former husband’s young maternal uncle’s wife?

Xiao Youning: “Fine!”

However, her treasured husband still hid more pleasant surprises behind him…

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