to Become the Strongest Sect Master

to Become the Strongest Sect Master







to Become the Strongest Sect Master

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“Ding! Sign-in success! Get a immortal flying sword: Ink Shadow Sword!

“Ding! Signed in successfully! Obtained nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine immortal mountain peaks !”

“Ding! Signed-in successfully! Obtained ownership of cultivation blessed land: Kunlun Mountain!”

Yan Chu became a waste wood sect master in the cultivation world, but relying on the [sign-in system for the strongest sect master], gets the treasures of heaven and earth and the immortal items and artifacts to get strong!

The seven holy places begged Yan Chu to give up two blessed places, monster race, and the demon king are all vying to give their children to Yan Chu as students, even the female immortals in the heavens can’t help but take a look at this human world strongest sect master!

Looking at the soaring disciples one after another, Yan Chu couldn’t help being angry: Why am I still in the Qi Gathering Realm!

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