So You Have Loved Me Too

So You Have Loved Me Too


Drama, Romance





So You Have Loved Me Too

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She is the adopted grandson of Ji Jiatong, but on the day of the engagement, another man blindfolded her to steal her innocence.

Since then, she has been blindfolded unknowingly, time after time.

Finally one day, there was a little bun in her belly. She was messed up in the wind. She went to the hospital to kill the child, but was blindfolded and brought to him on the operating table. Finally, she saw his face. She was even messier. “Why are you?”

The man smiled and looked at her slightly, “Marry me, you become an elder, and those who have bullied you will treat you respectfully when they see you.”

Ji Anning: “…”

One day, Ji Anning touched her tight abdomen and asked Mr. Ji with a tangled face: “My dear, what the hell will you call you after the baby is born?”

Mr. Ji: “…”

***He carefully planned to build a city, just to protect her peace

*** (Both men and women are very clean physically and mentally!)

- Description from MTL


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