Step In Dangerous Love

Step In Dangerous Love


Yun Shen


Josei, Romance





Step In Dangerous Love

Rating: 10/10 from1210 rate


Being renounced by her mother-in-law, having cheated by her husband. For 5 years, she thought she had a happy family, but in the end it was just a joke that even killed her and her daughter. Waking up again, Tang Anran was reborn as Xu Anran who was the daughter of Xu family and also the wife of Gu Wuyang- senior officer of military area in Yang city .

To avenge her daughter’s demise, Tang Anran calculated in her mind and exhausted her abilities but still fell in his hand. Surrounded by the dark crisis, that man came like the sun after her back, “Tang Anran, I will protect you and keep you safe for the rest of my life.”

- Description from Novelupdates


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