Strongest Eccentric Consort

Strongest Eccentric Consort


Ye Zhiqing





Strongest Eccentric Consort

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“Woman, you are looking for death!” With the indescribable poison in her body, she forcibly overwhelmed him. She wanted to eat and then slipped away, but she didn’t expect…

“Come again!” The ruthless and desireless Leng Xie Bingdi became addicted to eating, and the marrow knew the taste, leaving her sore waist and legs dying without a truce…

On the Xuantian Continent, the strong is respected! After going through a scene, she was holding a secret and grabbing all her beauty, but she was treated as a waste and was deceived and betrayed; in that case, she pointed her sword at the sky and the sky!

Since then, she has completely awakened the bloodline, the mountains and rivers, the sky-defying space, the memory stele, the endless pill, the magical inscriptions, she has countless cards and can do everything!

She is mad, she is arrogant, she loves and hates clearly, and she is decisive-she is the Supreme!

- Description from MTL

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