Thank you for Waiting, Mister Tang!

Thank you for Waiting, Mister Tang!







Thank you for Waiting, Mister Tang!

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Forced by her stepmother, she was desperate and signed an agreement with the mysterious rich man to marry into the rich family.

Three years after marriage, the rich husband spoiled her.

Except for not giving birth to an heir.

In the luxurious villa, Pei Qiqi angrily smashed the newspaper on the man: “It says I am a hen who doesn’t lay eggs, Tang Yu, it’s obviously your problem.”

The man put down the newspaper and seriously agreed with his little wife’s words: “How can you write silly, you are clearly a pig!”

“Tang! Yu!” She jumped with anger!

The man chuckles: “It doesn’t matter whether you have children, you are my little baby.”

Pei Qiqi: This style of painting, how to say it changes, has changed!

- Description from MTL


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