The Consort is Sick, We Must Pamper Her

The Consort is Sick, We Must Pamper Her





The Consort is Sick, We Must Pamper Her

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Prince Qin’s consort was restless while recuperating on the mountain! ——This rumor is true.

Prince Qin’s consort will go to the hill next door to find a handsome man! ——This rumor is also true.

The emperor was a pure and filial son, and he was willing to shave his hair and become a monk. For three years, he prayed and ate vegetarian food for the peace of the Great Feng Dynasty. When he was about to complete his spiritual training, a widow destroyed his spiritual training! This rumor was absolutely true.

The widow later became a noble concubine.

It’s just that the imperial concubine empress has a heart disease, and she will faint for a while. According to the judgment of the Supreme Hospital, the imperial concubine empress will not survive thirty.

So all the concubines are looking forward and looking forward, looking forward to the fact that their hair is white, but they still haven’t been able to look forward to the news that the imperial concubine is heading west~~

- Description from MTL


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