The Emperor Summoning System

The Emperor Summoning System







The Emperor Summoning System

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Ordinary youth, travel through other worlds, and obtain the supreme summoning system!

Practice waste? The system automatically upgrades for me!

Can’t beat you? Ten Thousand Worlds brother summoned at will!

Being bullied? Summon the killer in vain, give it back a hundred times!

Missing a bodyguard? Call out gentian Zhao Yun, seven in and seven out! Want weapons? Shaying revolver Mauser, choose at will!

Not enough defense? The best equipment for the game, wear in rotation!

No exercise? Yi Jin Jing Sunflower Classic is everywhere!

what? You say there are fewer women? Sister Chang’e squeezed her shoulders, sister Zhiruo beat her back. Take Tsunade to the casino and lead the nightshade to play mahjong.

How about one? Loli, young girl, royal sister…I want them all! The road of supremacy, I want to walk sideways!

- Description from MTL



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