The Insane and Good-For-Nothing Madam

The Insane and Good-For-Nothing Madam





The Insane and Good-For-Nothing Madam

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The daughter of the Xiangfu family was born stupid and was bullied. Her ex-husband retired, her concubine was insidious, her aunt abused her, her father abandoned her, and eventually died at the hands of the tribe.

Once back, he was an amazing and talented almighty Talisman Master.

Fight with me? Yibai Ling sends you to kneel and stand upright!

Quarrel with me? Slap your teeth all over the floor!

Yin with me? A talisman will disturb your mind!

Fighting the royal family, the scumbag man, except the white lotus, punishing the villain.

The people eating melon shivered.

Which girl is this girl who is used to such swelling?

Yungong Holy Land Xianzun helplessly raised his forehead: “What can the apprentice raised by myself do? Keep getting fat!”

[Chong Wen Shuang Wen, 1v1 male and female, non-toxic and no glass slag, welcome to the pit!]

- Description from MTL


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