The Legend Of Shen Gongbao

The Legend Of Shen Gongbao


Ninth Destiny





The Legend Of Shen Gongbao

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The protagonist of the book, Yu Duxiu, obtained the inheritance of Shen Gongbao, who was born in response to disasters and catastrophes, and then inadvertently merged a trace of the origin of disasters from the heavens. With the power to hold and induce the catastrophe, it can bring disasters to all living beings and can use the catastrophe. , To speed up your own cultivation speed, and see how the protagonist of this book manages disasters and seeks the status of longevity.

“I planted a seed and finally grew fruit. Today is a great day.” Yu Duxiu sang on the top of the mountain, but what he planted was not an ordinary seed, not a spiritual root fairy grass, but the seed of the Great Tribulation. There was an immeasurable calamity.

“I planted a seed of the Great Tribulation, and when the fruit matures, it is the day when the Great Tribulation of the Heavens arrives, and it is also the day when the poor Dao enlightens the Tao,” Yu Duxiu said.

“I’m destined to be a villain. Don’t all villains bring disasters to people and harm sentient beings?” Yu Duxiu muttered to herself.

Looking at the aloof ancestor, Yu Duxiu said solemnly: “Friends of Taoism, please stay.”

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