The National Director is Mr. Perfect

The National Director is Mr. Perfect


Gu Mushuang


Drama, Romance





The National Director is Mr. Perfect

Rating: 10/10 from1210 rate


The’prince’, who is in full swing, once reborn as a little pitiful who is disgusting and disfigured.

The crown prince said that this is nothing!

The original disfigured face is actually a face that men, women and children are crazy about.

“He” is the perfect lover in the minds of countless men and women

The evildoer who dreams of marrying her!

And one day, the male god became a goddess?

Male fan: Damn it’s so awesome!

Jiang Yi: I am not convinced, I am her husband!

Jun Ci curled his lips and smiled: So why are you not convinced?

- Description from MTL


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