The Romance Of Mr. Walton

The Romance Of Mr. Walton


Wu Jin Xia





The Romance Of Mr. Walton

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Wenqing killed him and didn’t expect that he actually slept with the enemy, Huo Tingshen, the business giant of North City.

I thought it was Yuanjia Luzhao, but didn’t want to, and achieved a ‘perfect match’ marriage.

One day, the reporter interviewed.

“Mr. Huo, I want to ask for the female compatriots what kind of girl do you like best.”

“My wife is like that.”

So far, the news of Huo’s hidden marriage spread throughout Kyushu.

~ After marriage, warmth broke out.

“San Ye, I am not feeling well!”

“It doesn’t matter, the health is not good, it proves that lack of exercise, life is endless, exercise is not stopped.

Finally, she collapsed: “Huo Tingshen…”

- Description from MTL


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