The Supreme Sword (Heaven Defying Sword)

The Supreme Sword (Heaven Defying Sword)


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The Supreme Sword (Heaven Defying Sword)

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Xuan Tian comes from a powerful clan. However, he has taken his mother’s surname and is now named Huang Tian. This is because he, his parents and his mother’s side of the family had to flee when he was still a young child. His father’s brother plotted against his father which resulted in the Xuan family giving a million miles chase.

The Huang family members were all injured, many died. He himself almost died, if it wasn’t for his grandpa who took the final blow for him. His grandpa, once a strong fighter, is now crippled. All his remaining family members dropped in fighting power due to their injuries.

Xuan Tian’s cultivation is now also limited due to his injuries as a child. Nevertheless, he entered a sword school and worked hard to gain enough power for revenge and to cure his family.

This was hopeless as his cultivation is painstakingly slow. Until one time he fell into a pond where a sword spirit entered his body, curing his injuries.

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