The Villain’s Reborn Ex-Girlfriend

The Villain’s Reborn Ex-Girlfriend




Josei, Romance





The Villain’s Reborn Ex-Girlfriend

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Shen Yan is the ex-girlfriend of the villain in the novel. She broke up with the villain for the sake of ‘prospect’. After the villain became rich, she crazily wanted to get back together with him.

When she woke up, Shen Yan was reborn.

It’s just that she pulled the sleeve of the villain and asked if he could get back together with her. The villain said that if she jumped down the stairs, he could give her a chance.

Shen Yan ran away…

After a few months, the villain knelt and wept bitterly, “I jumped down the stairs, can you give me a chance?”

Little theater:

Female lead: You think you deserve Meng Yi’an?

Shen Yan: No. After all, I can only buy your company, not Meng Yi’an. But I will work hard.

Everyone: …

- Description from Novelupdates


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