The Way of Favors

The Way of Favors


Xiao Jia Ren





The Way of Favors

Rating: 10/10 from1210 rate


In the previous life, Fu Rong was the concubine of King Su and was the only pet in the private room. Unfortunately, King Su was short-lived and she was reborn when she was looking for a new love.

Fu Rongle is broken, it’s good to be born again, this time he will choose the best man to marry him.

Who expected King Su to be entangled suddenly, and even if he did it, he wanted to marry her as the princess?

Fu Rong really didn’t want to marry,
She is not afraid of him having sex in the cold day and night, but she doesn’t want to be a widow.

Reading tips:
1. Double birth, 1V1, HE.
2. The male protagonist is forced to marry a strong pet, and the female protagonist has no abuse all the way.

- Description from Novelupdates


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