Terms and Service

LIVE Stories regulations when providing services on the internet

When participating in using the service provided by Livetruyen.net, you must agree and comply with the following regulations.

This regulation applies to all objects participating in activities on the website, regardless of being guests, members, deacons, admin or any other position.

This provision includes 2 main parties:

  • LiveTruyen providing services on the internet.
  • Customers are referred to as customers for short, using LIVETruyen's services on the internet.

General regulations

  1. Do not discuss religion and politics.
  2. Stories with adult content must be labeled with appropriate age restriction, for example, 16+, 18+.
  3. LIVETruyen warns about age restrictions as well as discouraging underage readers to access adult stories 18+. If the reader still deliberately violates, LIVETruyen does not take any responsibility before the law or that individual.
  4. The young members who intentionally pass the age limit warning are not LIVETruyen's responsibility.
  5. No lashing or slandering individuals and organizations on LIVETruyen. Please behave culturally and graciously.
  6. Do not use obscene, lewd or cruel words directly on LIVETruyen, but must use the substitute character as asterisk (*).
  7. The regulations on penalties for members who violate the rules are set by the website administrators themselves.
  8. Do not spam messages, comments, articles or any other form at LIVETruyen.
  9. Do not let avatar be obscene, to violate the law or affect others.
  10. Do not take advantage of the bugs (bugs) of the program to sabotage the stability of LIVETruyen.
  11. Will permanently lock out the VIP story leak account without LIVETruyen's written permission.
  12. Rules are subject to change according to actual situation without prior notice.

Rules About Posting Stories

  1. The story has not been published yet.
  2. Only stories or stories with text over 50% are allowed. Posting comics, video clips or audio is prohibited.
  3. Title must be written in Titlecase format (capital letter each letter): Like This.
  4. The content of the program must be well presented. If there is spam, such as a slack sentence, too many misspelled words, links to external websites will be deleted.
  5. Unculture obscene words should not be used. If you want to use it must be replaced with a * or a hyphen (-).
  6. Text presentation must be clearly segmented, if written in a dense block of words, it will not be posted.
  7. Stories with the same translation source have not been published twice.
  8. LIVETruyen allows to have multiple translations of the same story. However, different names are needed to distinguish them. For example: Struggle of Destroying the Frame (Heavenly Yard Translation).
  9. Stories signed with LIVETruyen will be protected from allowing other teams to post the same story even in a different translation.
  10. The story has too short chapters, less than 1000 words per chapter is not published, except for specific genres such as linguistics, dissipation, poetry.
  11. Stories with too heavy content are not allowed to be published at LIVETruyen. If intentionally violated, the story will be deleted, the story member will be locked and all TLTs in the story and account will be revoked. Stories are considered sharp if they describe the genitals of humans or animals in too much detail; depicts a detailed and arousing sex scene.
  12. The cover of the story must not include information such as the website's functions, the genre, the nature and details of the story.
  13. The cover does not contain erotic, sexual, agitated, hostile images, alluding to religion, politics, activities prohibited by law.

Comments and Nomination Rules

  1. Linking to or referring to other websites is prohibited.
  2. Nominations or comments that affect the interests of LIVETruyen will be deleted.
  3. Nominations of praise or criticism that generally do not bring any value to the reader will be deleted.
  4. Nominees with incorrect scores with the nomination will be removed.
  5. Harsh, offensive, or insulting comments will be deleted and permanently banned.
  6. Member violating will be locked nick without notice.
  7. The management staff has the right to delete content harmful to the website without prior notice.

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