Underworld Chat Group: My Hubby is King Hades

Underworld Chat Group: My Hubby is King Hades





Underworld Chat Group: My Hubby is King Hades

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Inexplicably mixed into the WeChat group of the underworld, accidentally shaken Pluto as a friend [this article is mainly suspenseful and supernatural, and romance is supplemented. The author’s brief introduction is incompetent, but the story is absolutely, right, precise and colorful! ]

Hostess: There was a weird red rain that night. I crawled out of the dead man’s grave. Since then, I can see Yin and Yang, and my soul sees the Three Realms.

Hades: Didn’t you just play a female ghost in the horror movie graveyard?

Heroine: People are hard to tear down! ! !

Pluto: I am not a person, I am a ghost~

Heroine: The author, I strongly urge a change of husband! !

[Reminder: After reading the article, do not open WeChat and shake people nearby. What if a handsome man really swells up? ]

- Description from MTL


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